Selected reference projects

The following contains current reference projects, presented courtesy of the companies involved.

Reference 1


Client: Plymouth Manufacturers' Group and Plymouth Employment & Skills Board


Task: Analysing Skills & Recruitment Issues and their Impact on the Growth of the Advanced Manufacturing sector in the Plymouth TTWA

Timeframe: 09 - 12/2011

Key data:

  • Environmental analysis of key factors impacting on the sector

    Specific analysis of 'hard to fill vacancies'; upskilling; Apprenticeships and STEM skills
  • Understanding the sector's skills and recruitment needs
  • Conclusions; recommendations and a detailed Action Plan

"Steve Gerry has a sound understanding of the world of economic and business development and the challenges facing employers and employees in the current economic climate. His report entitled ‘Plymouth Manufacturing Sector Growth Plan, Skills and Recruitment Issues’ was an excellent summary of the available research and the state of Engineering in Plymouth. Steve has the ability to  articulate his analysis effectively".

Paul Hartley STEM Manager Devon Education Business Partnership.

Reference 2

Client: David Somerville, Business Improvement Director at AIS/Goodrich Plymouth  

Task: Review of Funding Support for Innovation and Research & Development

Timeframe: 03/2010 - 07/2010

Key data:

  • Understanding the client's business
  • Analysis of grants and funding
  • Specific in depth analysis of one particular source
  • Identifying strategic bodies; support organisations and networks
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Reference 3

Client: David Butcher, Engineering Director, Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth.

Task: An independent review of enterprise learning at Devonport High School for Boys


Timeframe: 09/2006 - 11/2006

Key data:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Gaining a common understanding and vision/goals
  • Management and organisational structures
  • External relations

'When I first read the SG Consulting promotional material I immediately recognised the rich vein of experience and guidance available.

Having established a number of enterprise initiatives, our school was at the stage of needing to review the progress made, and working with SG Consulting provided an excellent source of external evaluation and guidance.

I have benefited from several in-depth face to face development sessions and have received a quality piece of research, containing thorough analysis and detailed comment on how, as a school, we can move our enterprise initiatives forward'.

Dave Butcher

Reference 4

Client: Great Torrington School

Task: Setting up and facilitating an employer forum with a network of twenty plus employers.

Timeframe 2008-13

'Thank you for all your hard work, expertise and commitment with regard to initiating and servicing the Employers Forum over the past six years. The group we have now is envied by local and county wide schools alike. We really appreciate all your support in setting up the group and ensuring its continued success'.

Jaqui Whiteman

Deputy Headteacher

Great Torrington School

Reference 5

Client: The ViSTA Project

Task: A feasibility study for The Somerset Social Enterprise Hub

How does a relatively small social enterprise register on the ‘radar screens’ of large government agencies such as the LSC? This study assessed the feasibility of three such enterprises collaborating as a consortium in order to get noticed and to yield economies of scale.

The study assessed the political environment for such a move; identified the risks and opportunities; recommended a marketing strategy to promote the concept and identified a number of organisations that may be able to assist the fulfilment of the strategic aims of the group.

'Steve had an exceptional approach to his work and really took the time and trouble to understand our culture and core values.  This was then reflected in the business support he gave through the business planning process.  Steve was very good at managing us and steering us towards the outcomes we sought without crushing the creative processes underpinning the business planning project'.

Angela Kerr, Vista Project.