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PMG Chairman's review of 2018 with slide[...]
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PMG Conference 2017 'Skills & Talent Retention'

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Intro to the PMG & the benefits of membership

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Chairman's Review of the Year 2019

AGM Chairman's Review of 2019 PwrPt 02 0[...]
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PMG Chairman's review of 2019 with slide[...]
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PMG Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair

PMG Surveys

PMG ...

Grants and other funding streams available

Covid-19 bulletin 09 07 20

RJ Martin-Fagg JUNE 2020 Economic Update[...]
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Coronavirus legal support Stephens Scow[...]
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PCC DD Economic Development Corvid Blog [...]
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Staff Coronavirus Questionnaire Comp Int[...]
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MAKE UK BDO Manufacturing Outlook Q2 202[...]
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Workers with specialist technical skills[...]
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MAS Six-Sigma Greenbelt programme

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MAS Barometer

7_MAS_Barometer_Report_Q2_July to Septem[...]
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Universities SW - Innovation Vouchers

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Skills & Recruitment Issues - Revisited and updated Feb 2013

Plymouth Manufacturing Sector Growth Plan

Report Feb 13.pdf
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Sites & Premises Exec Summary

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Report into Industrial Employment Land in Plymouth

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Disruptive technologies

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PCC's Economic Development 2013 update and 2014 priorities

Economic Development 2013 update and 201[...]
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Latest PMG covid-19 bulletin

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Latest PMG e-Newsletter

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Working Draft Plymouth Employment and Sk[...]
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Steve Gerry publishes a regular monthly electronic newsletter for the PMG. The most recent edition is shown above. This is what some people have been saying about it.


‘My colleagues and I find your regular e mail newsletters invaluable sources in information and thanks for all the work and detail you put into them’.

Best Regards

Bill Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Pipex px®


‘A really good newsletter.....several areas of interest that we are following up’.


Richard Robertson

Managing Director

Vortok International


'Many thanks for your most excellent newsletters'

Charles Baughan

Managing Director

Westaway Sausages


‘One of the best newsletters I have seen – extremely thorough and relevant’.

Ian Gent
Director of Marketing Communications and Partnerships

Peninsula Enterprise


‘Blimey – that's very comprehensive and very useful……….

Please add me to the circulation list!’

Dave Young

Group Managing Director

The Una Group


‘Thank you for sending me the latest edition of the PMG e-newsletter.

I have to say that I receive a great deal of information through the Chamber, the Plymouth Area Business Council and through my role with Bright Solicitors.

The most comprehensive and informative of them all however, is yours! I can barely imagine how much time and effort must go into producing such a valuable source of information. An excellent piece of work…..thank you!’

Richard Smith

Business Development Director

Bright Solicitors


Could I please ask to receive a copy of your PMG Newsletter every time it goes out? – I think this is so informative and a great single source of relevant information’.

Phil Halse

Manufacturing Advisor

Manufacturing Advisory Service.


‘As ever, a really helpful round up of both news and opportunities.  It's good to get it all in one hit’!

Ann Johnstone

Assistant Director

BIS South Central & West

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills


Thanks Steve. Your e-newsletter is brilliant, capturing news across the membership/industry all in one place, with links for further information’.

Dr Graham Stirling

Chair of Plymouth Growth Board's Employment and Economic Intelligence Committees


'Just one word - brilliant'.

Mike Boxall

(former PMG Secretary – now retired)


‘These newsletters are excellent’.

Mark Shepherd

Managing Director, Fairford Electronics Ltd

‘Newsletters are my business and Steve's comprehensive, relevant and timely communications are completely compelling. This most invaluable source of industry reference is always my first port of call on behalf of manufacturing clients - whatever the project or campaign.’

Karalyn Becker

Marketing communications consultant

Registered on:

Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Directory


‘This newsletter is excellent and I’d like to bring it to the attention of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Enterprise as best practice’.

Best wishes

Dr John Potter

John Potter Global Consulting


‘Well done on yet another excellent summary newsletter – I can't imagine how much time goes into creating this great reference tool!’

Dave Young

Group Managing Director

The Una Group


‘I find the PMG Newsletters very interesting and informative, so thank you for producing such a useful resource’.

Jeremy Rawley

Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Centrax Turbine Components Limited

‘One of the best news letters I have ever read, really informative, concise and topical’.

Jon Tudor


True North Excellence Ltd


‘Just a quick email thanking you for the newsletter.  I found it fascinating, and I cannot believe that there are so many exciting and varied initiatives happening around manufacturing at the moment. It is great to see so many positive developments and such a strong performance’.

Shirley Walker

Head of Careers and Employability

Plymouth University


‘Thank you for the recent newsletter – a really good read and very informative’.

Sharron Robbie

Director of Marketing, Corporate Relations & Enterprise

City College Plymouth


‘I wanted to reiterate, how useful and informative I find the PMG newsletter.  Even when on maternity leave, I would take the time to download a copy from the website.  The newsletter provides a detailed account of local and national news, and positive guidance for maximising commercial opportunities – an excellent read’.

Denise Maclean

SSG Training and Consultancy Ltd


‘Absolutely cracking newsletter. Full of interesting stuff. Thanks for putting me on the mailing list’.

Stephen Horscroft

Economic Planning and Strategy Officer

Cornwall Council


‘I had the pleasure of seeing a copy of the PMG's May newsletter recently and it made for a really interesting read’.

James Collings

Partner, Employment Team

Foot Anstey LLP


‘I’ve just seen the newsletter and will circulate it around the office as last month’s was full of useful information’.

Emily Knowles

Sales & Marketing Manager

Underhill Engineering Ltd


‘Each month I am really impressed with the newsletter, it is a comprehensive round-up of what's happening in the local sector.  The PMG members (and a few others like me who have the opportunity to read the newsletter) are lucky to have the information gathered into one document and then delivered straight to their inboxes’.

Rachel Jones


Bond Dickinson LLP


‘I would like to say what a fantastic newsletter it is, packed full of relevant information really brilliant’.

Roger Palfrey

Operations Manager.


‘I found your newsletter extremely useful and informative!’

Geri Panteva

Economic Development Officer (Inward Investment, Employment and Skills) Devon County Council


‘I always really enjoy reading the newsletter so many events, ideas and people’.

Bubbles Putnam

Putnam Health Co


‘Congratulations, the best newsletter I get’.

Graham Harrison

Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, National Composites Centre


'Many thanks and huge respect for putting the time and effort into the newsletter, which is always an interesting read with helpful links'.

James Hockin

Westcountry Estates


‘I would certainly like to re-subscribe; it is an excellent publication’.

Jon Cooper


Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP


‘Another great newsletter Steve, still the best out there!’

Simon Howes

Managing Director



‘Please add me to the mailing list for future PMG events – keen to attend and find out more following the impressively large newsletter I looked through this morning!’

Ian Godfrey   CEng MIMechE

Development Design Engineer

Teignbridge Propellers International Ltd


'For the first time in ages I have had the time to read in full your bulletin.

As a precision engineering company owner the information you have given is invaluable.

A big thank you'.

Andy Copestick

MD Sigma Precision Engineering


‘Thanks Steve. These bulletins have been incredibly helpful’.

Richard Bland


Composite Integration Ltd


‘As comprehensive as usual.

You’re doing a great job’.

Nick Hurst

Chief Executive Officer

Artemis Optical



Past copies of the newsletters are stored on the PMG website click here