Services and expertise

SG Consulting develops solutions that are fit for purpose and exceed people's expectations. To achieve this I rely on a totally professional approach; a broad field of vision and yet a steely focus that resonates only on what really matters. Ultimately I aim to achieve alignment with the decision-makers - those who views matter.

Business Analysis & Strategy Formulation

In addition to providing company secretarial and treasury services to the Plymouth Manufacturing Group (or 'PMG'), SG Consulting offers clients specific research and analysis. Clients have included: Atlantic Inertial Systems/Goodrich; Plymouth Employment & Skills Board and the PMG itself.

Sector Analysis & Strategy Formulation

Sector Representation

Steve Gerry has been engaged in sector representational activities for over fifteen years, starting with South West Enterprise in the mid-1990's before the RDA's were formed. More recently in 2008 he started offering company secretarial and treasury services to the Plymouth Manufacturer's Group or 'PMG'. This role incorporates a sector representational role for the City's advanced manufacturing sector.

Sector Representation

Making a compelling case

In the world of regeneration and economic development inevitably you have to make a case or an argument as to why your City or neighbourhood should be selected before others. Making the case requires:

  • Clarity of thought and vision
  • Ability to see the wood from the trees
  • Understanding key information and how to access it
  • Ability to make a compelling argument
  • Husbanding all available resources

Making the case

Schools & Employer Engagement

Employer engagement is a 'must do' for all schools. But how do you go about it? SG Consulting has been providing advice to countless schools on this very subject for over seven years and has been retained by one North Devon School throughout this period. We must be doing something right!

Schools & Employer Engagement

Other core competencies and experience:

  • Accessing external funding
  • Bid writing
  • Business planning
  • Consultation skills
  • Economic analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Investment appraisals
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Market research
  • Marketing
  • Options appraisal
  • Organising events
  • Partnership working
  • People management/development
  • Planning of activities
  • Policy development and analysis
  • Political and institutional awareness
  • Project management
  • Promoting/capturing/developing innovation
  • Promoting/developing social enterprise
  • Provision of business advice
  • Provision of learning and skills advice
  • Research and evaluation
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Turnkey office set-up - everything from finding a vacant office site through to writing office manuals
  • Understanding place competitiveness